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Transformations: physical, psyche, behavioral

“Jewish women…describe their ‘Jewish’ appearance as more buxom, darker, hairier….Some of these perceptions may be accurate.”

– Susan Schneider (Jewess), Jewish and Female (NY, 1984), p. 244

Jewess: Clyda Sarah Rosen (II/#A2)



Jewess: Nina Sarah Kletzki (I/#i83)




“Slums of Beverly Hills”, reviewed in Movies Unlimited catalog #40, Spring 2007, p. 14; Jewess: Arlene Sarah Bell (III/#A1)


                              Jewess: Trish Sarah Garelik (I/#i82)


Jewess: Chelsea Sarah Glick (II/#B13)


Jewess: Annêlise Sarah Durkheim (II/#O141)


Jewess: Leah Sarah Belzberg (II/#Z377)


Or? actually, Whisper, you can (if you can afford the maintenance), have it all: a light-skinned blond Jewess with…

…big tits. Jewess: Andreja Sarah Jelen (IV/#Q168), alias “Busty Cassandra”


Jewess: Yulia Sarah Nova (II/#M128)


Jewess: Katya Sarah Sidorenko (II/i180), alias “Sha Rizel”


Jewess: Donna Sarah Brownstein (II/#B10), alias “Busty Brown”


Jewess: Karla Sarah Klein (II/#A1)


“…nearsighted Jewish girls with big boobs.”

– @ http://yoyenta.com/?p=3551

Jewess: Cheryl Sarah Himmelfarb (Type IV/#R174)


“quite early Nussaya had developed large breasts…”.

– Meyer Levin, The Harvest (NY, 1979), p. 106

Jewess: Batsheva Sarah Gurvitz (III/#R172)


Jewess: Jane Sarah Jacomini (page pending)




“selfies…rise of digital narcissism,” @ http://trueactivist.com/scientists- link-selfies-to-narcissism-addiction-mental-illness

Jewess: Jane Sarah Eitingon (II/#R170), alias “Sensual Jane”



“…Boston is a miserable place full of drunks, losers, and Jewish girls with big tits.”


“She was in the audience again that night when he addressed a Zionist meeting in the Bronx….a wide-eyed, full-breasted young Jewess.”


Jewess: Rinah Sarah Barnato (V/#C26)


Jewess: Mirelle Sarah Caro (V/#B10), alias “September Carrino”


Jewess: Ala Sarah Passtel (IV/#A1)



Jewess: Naomi Sarah Averbykh (I/#A2), alias “Rose Avery”


Jewess: Laura Sarah Antonaz (V/#A5), alias “Laura Antonelli”





“Her eyes were doe-shaped and slanted, her eyebrows perfectly symmetrical arches. She had wonderful teeth, like those girls with frozen smiles in toothpaste advertisements. Her hands were delicate and expressive, hips shapely and her breasts firm and high. Her long legs could drive a man wild, her skin was soft to the touch and firm all over her body. She was beautiful and finely made…as only a young Jewess can be.”

John Eppler, Rommel’s Spy – Operation Condor and the Desert War (Barnsley, 2013), p. 200. Jewess: Angelika Sarah Velkovsky (II/#P155)


Jewess: Tundi Sarah Horvath (IV/#D34)



Beth Wenger (Jewess), @ Jewish Women’s Archive – http://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/mikveh. Jewess: Petra Sarah Verkaik (Type IV/#Z302)


“I have already mentioned the rather strong dictum of Prince Bismarck’s that the union between a Teutonic stallion and a Semitic mare sometimes gives good results…”.

Bernhard von Bülow, Memoirs, Vol. I – From State Secretary to Imperial Chancellor, 1897-1903 (Boston, 1931), p. 347; Jewess: Scarlett Sarah Johanssen (III/#E47)





Jewess: Carla Sarah Chernin (IV/#D39), alias “Carlotta Champagne”


“…and her ass like a flower.”

– Bernard Malmud (Jew), The Assistant (NY, 1963), p. 61. Jewess: Anya Sarah Zakova (I/#C21)






– Bernard Lazare (Jew), Antisemitism, Its History and Causes (Paris, 1894, republ. London, 1997), p. 8

Jewess: Ellen Sarah Michaels (Type I/#A5)


Jewess: Lynn Sarah Mermelstein (II/#J99)


“the Rabbis, however, had throughout to contend with the innate tendency of the Jewess toward luxury and display, and they passed in vain many Sumptuary Laws.”




Jewess: Dee Sarah Kahn (II/#A4)


“the Jews…are demoralized by their women.”

– Georges Valois, in New York Times Book Review, April 20 1986, pp. 20-21.

Jewess: Zinette Sarah Wolk (II/#Y247)


Jewess: Barbara Sarah Klein (II/#F56), alias “Barbi Benton”


Jewess: Laura Sarah Misch (II/#D32)


Jewess: Elaine Sarah Paul (page pending)


Jewess: Katie Sarah Price (Type III/#C21)


Jewess: Ellen Sarah Michaels (Type I/#A5)


Jewess: Judith Sarah Sauls (III/#A4), alias “Lee Meredith”, dancing in the nude…at The Pines, an exclusively Jewish Borscht-Belt summer resort near New York City






“Heydrich leaned forward…staring at a photograph of a well-formed, big-breasted Jewess trotting naked to the execution site. Odd, how in a few moments she would be dead.”

– Gerald Green (Jew), Holocaust (NY, 1978), p. 203Jewess: Roberta Sarah Singer (IV/#A6), alias “Roberta Pedon”


“a 17-year-old Jewess turned herself in and requested to be shot. Her parents had already been shot, and she referred to an alleged Führer order according to which all Jews have to be done away with before the end of the year. Since the Jewess was a fugitive, we turned her over to competent offices for further treatment.”

– report from a harvest-gathering unit in eastern Poland, September 1942 (YIVO Institute, file occ E 2-2)

Jewess: Elizebieta Sarah Slomin (II/#H74)


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113 Responses to TSJ4a (in process)

  1. mattzcat says:

    I often wonder how many high level political, religious, and Hollywood, sex scandals involve seductive Jewesses. I would be willing to bet that it is a highly disproportionate percentage.

    • admin says:

      you’d win that bet. Cf. the pages on Bill Clinton’s nemesis (Lewinsky, Monica Sarah @ II/#M124); General David Petraeus’ nemesis (Kranz, Paula Sarah, alias “Paula Broadwell”, @ II/#G60); Elliot Spitzer’s nemesis (Dupre, Ashley Sarah, page pending); Gary Condit’s nemesis (Chandra Levy, page pending)), Jim Bakker’s nemesis (Jessica Hahn, page pending); Tiger Wood’s nemesis (Uchitel, Rachel Sarah @ III/#H74); Roman Polanski’s nemesis (Samantha Geimer, page pending); Mark Frechette’s nemesis (Daria Halprin, page pending) etc. Essentially, it’s the Esther syndrome: the “beautiful Jewess” is hard-wired to seek out, then co-opt and/or destroy powerful or prominent Host males in order to secure and aggrandize her Tribe. Sometimes, as indicated (Spitzer/Dupre, Polanski/Geimer) they even practice on one of their own.

  2. Fred says:

    Youve got to see this one: biggest, fluffiest, perkiest, white tits on a self-marked Jewess. https://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/7136409/124539350

    • admin says:

      thanks…that’s Jo Sarah Zeigler (IV/#L115) on the old .net site; I’ll bring her page over here later tonight. Found some addit shots of others who’ve already got pages at that hamster.de site as well. Let me know of any other (((interesting))) discoveries you make.

  3. Autumn says:

    Can you tell which of these ladies is Jewish?


  4. Addie says:

    Imagebam series of
    Corri Fetman
    Huge titted 44 year old Chicago attorney who posed for Playboy in 2008.
    begins at:

    • admin says:

      nice catch. I’ll give Corrie Sarah (Type III) a page ASAP. And, doesn’t it figure, she’s a divorce lawyer. For reasons of statistical argument (see the PB centerfolds page), I just looked closely @ the pre-Lindsay Sarah Voulo, 1954-2001 kosher centerfold layouts…but there’s plenty of post-2001 CF Jewesses as well, and most will get pages here eventually.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So how long do you think it is going to take to add all of the jewesses that were on the old .net site?

    • admin says:

      I thought I’d be done a couple months ago…but there’s still another 500 or so to do up; maybe another four or five months. Anyway, most of the pages done so far are expanded/improved to one degree or another, often with more pics & ID material, so there is that. Also, as listed on the .com homepage, I’m adding new ones from time to time and will probably continue to do so once everything is up to speed: I’ve got hundreds more topheavy Tribals waiting in line for pages of their own, all stamping their little feet in eager anticipation.

      • Autumn says:

        Oh, yeah. I’m sure they’re all hot and eager to have guys spank it fantasizing about their deaths.

        • admin says:

          your obsession with this site is becoming unhealthy; I recommend less time on the interwebs & more time at the beach, deepening that natural, ashkenazic tan. And no, you are not getting a page here. No matter how hard you try.

          • Autumn says:

            Because I’ve made five comments in as many weeks? That’s hardly obsession. This site, on the other hand, is a tribute to your obsession. Not that I ever asked, but why am I so uniquely unfit to be included with every Jewish girl you could find a picture of in a bathing suit? Do you just dislike hearing back from the objects of your obsession?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Two Questions:

    1) What do you make of the persistent behavior of Jewesses on your site? I don’t just mean the most recent but past visitors (Karen, Dana) as well as Jewesses who’ve commented on their own pages (Karrin, Ellen). The shrill nagging and obvious attention-seeking are there but is there also an erotic fixation on the execution pit and the mythic Nazis who represent the ultimate in Jewish self-negation and opposition to the world. Or am I imagining that?

    2) Do I detect a hint of Sephardim in Selena Gomez? I can’t find any ancestry to back it up but she triggers something when her hair isn’t straightened.


  7. Autumn says:

    I give up. There’s no point. Pretend I was never here. Delete my comments. Keep to your own fantasies.

  8. 86 says:

    You will not finish.
    Your service provider will be contacted (again).
    This site will be removed from the internet (again).

  9. Steve T. says:

    Your ethnographic history of Playboy is interesting. Actually, the first full-frontal nude in Playboy was Zelda R. Surplee who got a BA at New Jersey College of Women (“had the honor of presenting her plump, Mother-Earth body as the first full frontal nude in PLAYBOY magazine (in black and white.)”.) It wasnt Marilyn Cole.


    She is considered to be a pioneer of gender rights.


    She appeared on Whats My Line in 1953 to tantalize mainstream America with her profession of Nudist Camp Owner. (as “Yolande Reed”) … google it.

    • admin says:

      weird but interesting. I don’t recall ever seeing (((Zelda))) in PB. As to Marilyn Cole, I made no such claim; all I know is that the first CENTERFOLD nude to go full-frontal was the Scandi Jewess Liv Lindeland(IV/#H77) in PB, Jan. ’71.

  10. Not the King says:

    Your preoccupation with the bra sizes of nine-, ten- and twelve-year-old Jewish girls is noted. What the fuck is wrong with you, mate? This will be brought to the attention of the police and your web hosting service. We know who you are. Have a nice day.

    • admin says:

      there is no such preoccupation on this site; the “Gurvitz” girl is wearing a bathing suit; Ms. Orlow is a well-known teen model seen here wearing clothes; and “Esra” is of legal age as are, as far as can be determined, all the other models herein. And, name/address aside, you don’t have a clue as to who and what I am. Now go ahead: open Pandora’s Box. It’s what Jews do. For 3,000 years. But I know who (((you))) are, mate: the (((usual someone))) attempting to stifle the truth about Jews/porn, and related cultural/political issues. But you won’t succeed. Have a nice day.

  11. SarahM says:

    Hello. I find your site fascinating and your recent update to Natalie Portman’s profile gave me pause. Could her conscience, as you seem to allude to, be connected to her body type? She is not a buxom woman but instead is a slightly bottom heavy pear. It’s her ass and thighs that have shape, suggesting a more motherly build.

    Perhaps this makes her less aggressive on the Zionist front.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts as to whether her body type could be changing her psychology on some levels she doesn’t even realize.

    I’m currently a Palestinian Homeland activist though I greatly cherish my Jewish heritage. I have a similar shape to Ms. Portman: small breasts, curvier in the butt and thighs.

    Perhaps I could say that your site both attracts and horrifies me. But I love a challenge!

    I look forward to your reply. Be gentle!

    • admin says:

      interesting idea, but beyond my pay grade. I think, with $60 million stashed away, Herschlag-Portman no longer needs any more fat (((Hollywood))) movie contracts and can safely say what she thinks about Israhell. Note also that she made a point of critiquing the Netanyahu regime and attempted to draw a distinction between that and attacking the Israel-in-Palestine project itself. Won’t matter though: the Hollywood Zio-Jews insist on absolute submission, so she probably won’t be having lunch in that town anymore. It’ll be interesting to see if Herschlag-Portman eventually admits the problem is Zion-in-Palestine itself, not this or that Israeli regime. She’d be quite a catch for Anna Piller-alias-Baltzer (III/#C22) and her BD&S crowd.

  12. admin says:

    crypto, Type IV. Other than the definitive name, (((it))) might fly in under most any budget, mass market Jewdar. Just a little Jewy in the first 2 pics, where the Nose comes into focus. And not at all seductive…no page for Milana Sarah.

  13. snohach says:

    What do you think about Otto Weininger and his idea: “Jewish woman, accord­ingly plays the part required of her, as house-mother or odalisque, as Cybele or Cyprian, in the fullest way”?

    • admin says:

      haven’t read W’s book, though I probably should have by now. But “part required of her” seems to understate the aggressive genetic determinants involved in the “odalisque” archetype.

  14. admin says:

    the archetypal ashkenazic Jewess tends toward top-heavy…but there’s already plenty of overall voluptuous specimens here: Lupo, Janet Sarah; Etzioni, Roselyn Sarah; Aumont, Tina Sarah; etc. Helen Hunt will probably get a page by-the-by.

  15. Tom says:

    What about Ali McGraw … Jewish according to Hallal on her mother’s side. The smart Radcliffe girl who seduces the good-looking midwestern Wasp Ryan O’Neal at Harvard in A Love Story. How’s that for propaganda? That film was iconic for boomers, my dude.

    • admin says:

      correct on all counts. I had forgotten about her – race typical – role as goy-seducer in Love Story; tho remembered Ali Sarah opposite Steve McQueen in The Getaway, whom she married. Right now I’m putting out a page on Rina Mor-Godor, alias “Sonia Barshev/Rina Messinger” (IV/#F58), a Miss Israel/Miss Universe from awhile back who did a prior raw porn-layout while in the IDF…soon as it’s done, later tonight, I’ll do a page on the McGraw. Thanks for the reminder. As to Ryan O’Neal…also Jewish in the maternal line, and eventually married Hollywood Jewess Lee Taylor-Young. So, despite all the apparent real-world race-mixing, the Tribe does manage to keep the central gene pool pretty well chlorinated.

  16. Jan says:

    just looked at your page on Ali McGraw. Same tired garbage about how the Jews are manipulating the gene pool or whatever. Pretty laughable. So, what God-like mastermind has been in charge of generations of keeping track of how many Jews marry inside or outside of their race or religion or whatever? Sure Sounds like a lot of work, keeping tabs on every Jew in the world in real time for hundreds of years! I wonder how that worked before electricity or computers? How are these instructions passed, as far as who is supposed to marry who? Funny that nobody has uncovered any hard evicence of this massive global conspiracy huh>?

    It’s obvious to anybody with two brain cells to rub together, that you, sir, are an idiot, and your whole disgusting site is some hateful trwisted piece of work.

    • admin says:

      sp: “twisted”

      the seductive Jewess is hard-wired toward a certain degree of exogamy. The mixed-race offspring are then socialized to marry back into the Tribe. No central computer required. Cf. also Bar Rafaeli’s page, which documents some of the Zionist static she got for dallying with Di Caprio.

  17. Shaun says:

    Can you take a look at this porn star and tell if she’s a Jewess?

    Cassidy Klein,



    • admin says:

      of course she is: see that Hebrew star subbing for the “o” in “Pornhub”? Physically, it lacks the racial rack…but the facial features activate the Jewdar @ medium range; T3 Ashkenaz in TSJ classification. And I’d guess the closest Cassiday Sarah’s ever been to “Cuba” would be the (((Miami Beach))) kosher colony, from where she wandered to (((Hollywood))). Not all that seductive, though, and probably won’t be honored with a page here.

  18. anonymous says:

    How about a page on Jeri “Ryan” Zimmerman aka “Seven of Nine” from Star Trek:Voyager?
    She would also be a good place to start talking about how many jewesses try to present themselves as Irish.

  19. Terrence O'Malley says:

    Ida Sarah Mazower.. also the elfin ears are an indicator IMO. Also .. you missed the forelocks on that 40s/50s pinup. Book AND forelock: a trope two-fer.

  20. admin says:

    which pinup? Anyway, your Jewdar seems to be well-tuned.

  21. Rob says:

    One must wonder if the jewess is indeed naturally attuned to subvert and undermine. Is it truly in their nature, as it is in the white man’s nature to control and conquer and kill?

    Perhaps both are true. Perhaps we deserve each other.

    • admin says:

      “deserve”? Whites “deserve” to be extincted by the Eternal Jew because Whites created the most brilliant civilization in human history?

      I don’t think so.

      s’truth, though: Whites had better return to their imperial “nature”, or they will go extinct…at the hands of the Jews, their treasonous shabbatz goy collaborators, and their invasive orcs.

  22. Hey, how’s it going?

    Did you hear that the powers that run this world want to put a RFID microchip in our body? It will contain not only our bank accounts but our personal information, making us total slaves to the elite. This will cause us to lose even more of our privacy.

    Did you know that this RFID microchip matches perfectly with the Mark of the Beast in the Bible, more specifically Revelation 13:16-18?

    “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name…”

    Referring to the last days, this could only be speaking of a cashless society, which we have yet to see, but are heading towards. Otherwise, we could still buy or sell without the mark amongst others if physical money was still currency. It’s amazing that the Bible foretold a cashless society!

    Did you also hear that the Jewish people are in the process of bringing about the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible by the prophet Daniel, Jesus, and Apostle Paul? They deny Jesus as their Messiah and say their Messiah will be revealed to rule the whole world under a one world religion. They are not even hiding this information, but are actually promoting it. You can view videos about this on YouTube.

    When Donald Trump made Jerusalem captial of Israel in late December 2017, the Jewish people said this was a big step for them to build this Third Temple. They even printed a Temple coin with president Trump’s face on the front with king Cyrus'(the man who built the Second Temple in the Bible) face behind him. On the back of the coin is an image of the Third Temple. They are selling these coins to raise money to build the Temple.

    People have been saying for many years that the end is near, but we needed not only the Third Temple, but also the technology for there to be a cashless society for the Mark of the Beast to be a reality.

    There is much more to know, please visit http://WWW.BIBLEFREEDOM.COM to see all the proof!


  23. Skorpios says:

    Great pics — repulsive ideology!
    I’m a Gentile who LOVES the sexiness, passion, intelligence, compassion, and humor of Jewish women, has bedded quite a few of them, and is delighted you’ve been able to assemble so many stunning pics of these incredible females.
    Kind of ironic that a site that’s a visual tribute to Jewish ladies *in the state of Eve* was done to propagate anti-Semitic tropes. But that’s the Netz for ya….

    • admin says:

      so you have indeed been multi-seduced by…seductive jewesses. An experience I also know well from my college daze; cf. Ellen Michaels’ (I/#A5) page. Eventually, though, I began to notice certain things…and achieved enlightenment. Perhaps you will too. Or not.

  24. Skorpios says:

    As H.L. Mencken put it in a simple post-card he sent to his many detractors: “Dear Sir or Madam: You may be right.”

    BTW: I seem to remember that somewhere on this cornucopia of Hebress pulchritude, you posted a news pic of a large-breasted, (probably) Jewish girl skinny-dipping in the Washington D.C. reflecting-pool during an anti-war protest. Could you post the link to it? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      a funny coincidence: my good-looking mother – back in the mid 1930’s @ c. 20 years of age – had a job interview with Mencken…he was looking for a new secretary. It did not go well.

      the large-breasted Jewish girl is “Jessel, Sheila Sarah” (I saw her @ her Broadway-just-below-14th street Party office a few times during the 1970’s, while making deliveries there…where she used a different name : “Monica Melamid”); see II/#Z252.

      • Skorpios says:

        Thanks! I’ve noticed that for some reason, Ashkenaz, Southern Italian, and Greek ladies tend to be rather big-bosomed, and Ms. Jessel/Melamid is no exception.

        • Friedrich says:

          I once asked a big-titted Jewess, who was in a mammary-related industry, if she accepted the charge that Jewish women had big tits. She did not. She said it was being of “peasant stock” which correlated with big tits. FWIW

          • admin says:

            “peasant stock” is an economic category and, as such, has nothing to do with racial anatomy. (((She))) was, of course, being evasive given the obvious self-reference. Most Jewesses, buxom or not, are well aware of this vector; cf. the issue of Lilith magazine and other sources sequenced on the Home Page.

  25. Donald says:

    I wonder how many of these teachers are really “Russian”. My dar is definitely going off on Ms. Alyona Sarah.


  26. admin says:

    and a well-tuned Jewdar it is. Alyona Sarah lacks the racial rack, but those wolf-lips are a strong kosher vector.

  27. SMH says:

    Hey man, what’s up with all the ridiculous fake names, and the names added to the doctored web-links that you show to “document” your Jewish identifications? All pretty obviously bullshit. And what’s with all of the also laughably obvious photo-shopped, impossibly gigantic boobs? Are you going out of your way to try and look like a schmendrick, or does it come naturally? What a mess. Maybe you should find something better to do with your time.

    • admin says:

      wowzers…you really got me with that one, SMH!

      1) “rediculous fake names”: at any given time, about 10%-15% of the otherwise well-vectored Jewesses documented here have assigned names…when/if the actual kosher monicker turns up, I do the switch.

      2) “doctored web-links”…talk to tumblr about that one. Some time back they killed all those great titSites that were (naturally) swarming with Jewish girls exhibiting the racial rack.

      3) photo-shops…right now, out of 1,000+ pages, maybe 1% contain a shop’d pic.

      4) “schmendrick”…I had to look that one up: yiddish for “ineffectual, contemptible person”. Now that really, really hurt. As a Seeker of Truth and Penitence in a world of lies and nonsense, I can only do my best and am sorry it is not good enough for a person with your exalted standards.

      5) keep on studying. You’ll get it. Or not. Neither outcome will affect the spin-rate of Planet Urth.

  28. Edouard says:

    Wow. Just discovered seductivejewess4.com website. What a great public service. Keep it up.

  29. Howard says:

    Google Imaging Inger Vigoda I came across this image. Ooosh. Not the lovely Inger by a far sight. At least not now. She is a real Jewish actress however. Named Florence Schwartz.

    • admin says:

      as I explained to SMH, a couple comments above, some of the Jewesses here have an “assigned” name: this when I am convinced, via multiple vectors, that they are in fact kosher…but don’t yet have an actual name. “Inger Vigoda” is one such case, which is why searching her produces nil. Her semitic (((vectors))) are: racial rack, facial features, dusky complexion, expressive behavior. AND: prior ID by the HJW site guy whose Jewdar was as good if not better than my own. When/if I run across an actual name, I insert same.

  30. Robert says:

    May I ask, what led you to make a site such as this? It seems almost as if you’re promoting beautiful big tit Jewish girls.
    That seems like the opposite of the intentions of this site.

  31. MartnenMan says:

    Was This Site motivated by any personal experiences?

    It seems as it is reflective of your own sexuality.
    Maybe you are obsessed about your own personal encounters with seductive Jewesses.

    If the images are just bait to lure viewers to learn about the Jewess threat you would have emphasized more the malicious influence of the Jewesses instead of just their physicality.

    Arguably the most archetypical seductive Jewesses of the 20th Century was the Jewish mistress of Romanian King Carol II, and she is not on your site because solely because there are no pictures of her voluptuous body available for display.

    Her seductive powers were the main reason weak-willed Carol resisted the influence of the Iron Guard which saugt to eliminate the corrupting Jewish presence in Romania.
    She vehemently denied or tried to mitigate her Jewishness, but it was well known.

    In order to proceed with their relationship Carol abdicated his Monarchy and was exiled from Romania.

    There a good example of a Jewess who exploits were of actual political consequence.

    Also her seductive nature was not based on elegance or beauty but rather striking or exotic appearance (in her case she was a redhead which is very unusual in Romania, although dusky and Semitic would usually define exoticness) and sultry Manipulative force. This is typical of seductive Jewesses.

    With Magda seduction is actually represented in deed as opposed to just appearance.

    Including all these unaccomplished Jewesses makes it seem like this site is all just your sexual fantasy.

    • admin says:

      well, there’s also Eva Braun (lit.: Eve Brown), Adolf Hitler’s ethnic Jew mistress: her family had converted to Catholicism one generation prior, but a racial Jew she was. As to Magda what’s-her-name, thanks for the info and I’ll see what I can do by way of a page for her. And now that I think on it, Mussolini’s first mistress was a sephardic Jewess, and Croat leader Pavletic’s wife also a Jewess.

      “all just your sexual fantasy”. Not entirely. During my years in Jew York (1972-1994), I encountered many a seductive Jewess (@ Columbia U., later @ the Madison Ave. ad agencies and other media nexi) and had erotic involvements with several. Cf. Ellen Sarah Michaels (I/#A5, w txt) and Kathryn Sarah Morisson (IV/#J90…not with her, but another Jewess mentioned in the text). Also a one-nighter with Stephanie Sarah Blum (III/#D39)…tho that was an…ahem…commercial transaction. And who else? A brief interlude with actress Sean Young but, since she’s not a Jew, no page for her. Etc., etc.

      and as re “unaccomplished Jewesses”, no, quite a number of the Jewesses documented here were accomplished seductresses. How about Monica Sarah Lewinsky? Yeah, she did alright. And Paula Sarah Kranz-alias-Broadwell? And Jessica Sarah Hahn? And Rachel Sarah Uchitel? And numerous others scattered about these pages. Not to mention all the other rascally Jewesses here who have done terrible things we don’t even know about…yet.

      • MartnenMan says:

        Most of the Jewesses listed here are not known for their seductive exploits. Of course there are quite a few notable exceptions such as Lewinsky.

        Knowing now that you have had numerous seductive Jewesses it is reasonable that you can get personal with this operation. I had expected such a background given the fetishism behind your descriptions.

        As regards to Magda, that’s only her nickname. Her real name was Elena Lupescu. Magda is just contemporary Slang that refers to a reformed prostitute like Mary Magdalene. She of course denied this association.

        Read more about her here:


  32. Elvis says:

    Dear admin:

    Have you ever considered the wiles of one Annette Kellermann (sometimes Kellerman?). She would appear to be a quintessential revolutionary Jewess bioweapon, and a quite influential one at that.

    Look at her shamelessly pretending that her one-piece swimsuit even begins to cover a bush as thick as the Katyn Forest.

    The basic Wikipedia page will do for both story and media: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annette_Kellermann

    Some photos are “might bang” but others she looks like a man.

    And here are a couple of spin-off pages from Annette Sarah which pretty clearly indict the Jewess as inciting revolutionary sexual habits in the early 1900s when it was mostly prohibited by the criminal courts and the family courts.


    This one involves Esther Williams … and causes me to wonder if the whole idea of the swimsuit wasnt a jewish idea to try to pry goyish husbands into adultery and goyish teens into spanking. Esther is a *pretty Jewish” name after all.
    The common expression on the alt-right fits in well here, “Don’t listen to us, listen to the Jews”: http://www.jewishrhody.com/stories/remembering-esther-williams,4484?

    E.g.: “We rise again, we dive once more into our divine destiny; there is something Hasidic about that.” Just unpack that one!

    Note that the letter writer is himself a (((columnist))).

    As far as the discussion of tone of this documentation, I say it is note-perfect. Though one does need to steel oneself because the seductiveness of *some* of the Jewesses here can outpace the disgust at times.

    • admin says:

      good comment. I’ll check out both Kellerman and Williams; the Old Testament (or other indicative) first name – often chosen by the (Jewish) mother – though not a definitive racial vector, is often a good investigative starting point. Cf. Smith, Crystal Sarah (no page yet, but there’s a pic on the “Playboy’s Jewish centerfolds” page); Gonzalez, Miriam Sarah (V/#A7); & a few others scattered around this documentation.

      (a few minutes later): now that I’ve looked into it, still undecided about Kellermann. But Esther W. you just nailed: “sit shivah” is something Jews do…for other Jews. And here’s an interesting coincidence, if it is one: Jewess Esther Willams was married, it says, to actor Fernando Llamas; his son – or grandson, I’m not sure which – Lorenzo Llamas was married to…Playboy kosher centerfold nude Shauna Sarah Sandler (III/#F54), alias “Shauna Sands”. Offhand, I’d aver that the Llamas clan are (sephardic) Jews, given their serial tendency to marry Tribals.

      • admin says:

        (a few more minutes later): bingo….Esther W. was Jewish on mother’s side, one Byula (((Gilpin))), a “psychologist”.

  33. Stephen of Hungary says:

    martnenMan is definitely a Jew. “fetishism behind” “Obsessive” … trying to pathologize the admin from the psychiatrist’s couch. Don’t they realize the shelf life of those tricks is over? I thought Jews were smart? Or do they just (((test))) well?

    Also the Jewish technique of interference/take-over: “You’re not doing it right there, goy. Let me show you how to do an anti-Semitic blog the right way”.

    • admin says:

      re MartenMan – maybe, tho I doubt it. He gave me a good lead on Magda the Jewess. Also he seems to be pro-Iron Guard, who were radical anti-Jews. As to the “Jewish technique of interference/take-over”, yeah that pops up in the the threads from time to time. For instance “STY” (“Smarter Than You”) put up a lot of static @ TSJ1 (2010-2014)…some of which I’m bringing over here because it’s kinda amusing; cf. Jessica Sarah Medved (I/#O146); or Autumn Roth’s attention-whoring mischief earlier in this thread.

    • MartnenMan says:

      I‘m no Jew, I posted just because I thought that the exploits of the different Jewesses were not emphasized enough and there are infamous Jewesses which should be uploaded.

      It’s pretty obvious that there is a personal sexual element to the admins operation.

      I brought that up only to lead into a request for seductive Jewess „Magda“ Elena Lupescu to be uploaded.

      I had my own experiences with seductive Jewesses, so I‘m very well aware of their distinctive Manipulatory techniques. If I allude to them that merely shows that those techniques have been cast upon me in the past. I can’t help learning from every encounter, but rest assured my will always will be against them and their agenda.

  34. Stephen of Hungary says:

    I apologize to Martnenman. There is sincerity there that cant be faked. Plus, I do see your critique. But I would still disagree that this documentation shouldnt be a complete taxonomy of the seductive Jewess in all its facets . The title of the site, after all, is not The Destructive Jewess.

    • MartnenMan says:

      I understand your point.

      The sexual descriptions are what makes this website unique after all.

      I just hope it does not distract some viewers.

      Especially the younger ones.

  35. Rolf says:

    Brenda Sarah Sackler illustrates to me (but i am wondering if you would agree) the Jewess-trait of a seductive thigh gap. The occurence of which in Brenda Sarah’s case is all the more remarkable because of her pooched tummy, huge breastplex and square shoulders.

    • admin says:

      compared to the archtypal big-tits-on-slender-frame Jewess, the wide-saddle variety doesn’t seem to be that common…though you’ll find more than a few featured herein; cf. Velkovsky, Anna Sarah (III/#P155), esp. that amazing frontal shot of her bent over a stair with tits pendant & big hips/wide thighs just below.

      • Forrest says:

        Just checked out Anna Sarah. “though a few of her shots do show a more positive valence” .. I see it. On the whole a more benign Jewess. Perhaps in keeping with her willingness to throw us the BDS bone. But that thigh gap is really strange: keyhole-shaped. Yes an amazing shot.

  36. Ashkenaz Fascinatoor says:

    This is better prose than all the Philip Roth novels put together:
    “Also like the sly, one-eye-covered self-presentation as a strong Tribal vector: symbolically, one eye looks outward at the tit-mesmerized beholder, while the other (covered) looks inward at the gloating Chosen Person.” Good job on Ms. Ruderman (and wowza on the tits).

  37. Apropos says:

    Re: Franz Kafka. That is some worthless shit. Except the term Kafkaesque which aptly describes Jewish bureaucracy.

    • admin says:

      somewhat disagree: (((Kafka)))’s works are full of insights, particularly into the Jews and their self-other’d condition.

  38. Forrest says:

    Pandora Peaks is gross… a rare lapse in judgment in film producer Russ Meyer’s bio

    • admin says:

      Pandora is, however, an excellent illustration of the tit-fixation among Jews both male and female. I mean, she (as young Arlene Bell, later, as 23-year-old Rina Barnato) was already about a G-cup…but that still wasn’t enough, so in went the silicone.

  39. Forrest says:

    I watched the Pandora Peaks Russ Meyer video and I didnt see either Arlene Bell or Rina in her. Indeed her Boobpedia page indicates she wasnt born til ’64 and didnt get started tilher mid 20s. Arlene Bell and Rina and are more vintage than that.

    • admin says:

      you might b right. OTOH I’ve got one of the earliest Pandora vids around somewhere…and it’s got a pic of (young, born c. 1956) Arlene on the cover; if it turns up, I’ll put it up here. For a fact, I am more certain about the Arlene-Rinah identity; “Rinah”‘s layout in the 1979 Oui magazine gives her age as “23” and, minus the thick make-up and dark lighting, it’s Arlene’s face and rack w/o augmentation. Main thing is: all 3 are Jewesses…but whether they’re all the same Jewess remains in question. Same issue w “Velkovsky” and Anna Judith Piller-alias-Baltzer: they’re astonishingly alike…but I’m not…quite…sure if they’re one-and-the-same Jewess.

  40. Props says:

    Dear admin:

    Wonder if youve ever checked out Judie Tzuke. Ostensibly a folk/art rock singer, her tits were wielded more provocatively than most. And massive they were. Always heard she was some sort of Polish Londoner. Now her bio fesses her as “Polish-Jewish”:



    • admin says:

      thanks. New one on me. Will check her out later today, maybe do up a page right away. Incidentally, 2nd link works…first produces a blank.

  41. Tijuana Bible says:

    Admin. Look at this recent photo of Sophia Loren, look closely and “say it aint so, Joe”. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/sophia-loren-the-life-ahead-edoardo-ponti-1203263222/?

    • admin says:

      Loren playing a “…holocaust survivor who forges a bond with a 12-year-old Senegalese immigrant boy.” Also: (((Signoret))), (((Romain Gary))). She does touch all the current kosher bases in this one, alright. I’ll take another look at the Loren’s ethnic background…meantime, let me know anything else you discover. At a minimum, she’s making a strong bid for “honorary Jewess” classification.

      • Gordan says:

        This story-line is giving its Kosher-best: “Madame Rosa is a Holocaust survivor and the head of this family. “Her three children essentially are a 35-year-old transgender [woman], a 12-year-old Senegalese street kid, and a 10-year-old Romanian street kid.” Then there is the political level, “which is almost unnecessary to bring up…because it is baked into every frame,” Ponti said.

        “The plan is for “Life Ahead,” which is produced by Italy’s Palomar with some equity financing from U.S. investors, to be ready in March 2020.” ” US investors” are obviously those who have the right to instantaneous dual citizenship in a certain “totally not an ethnostate” Middle Eastern country.

    • John1:1 says:

      Miss Loren is beautiful, but her beauty came from pain … that sad wounded girl look that many of us goys still love …plus her impressive breastworks (coupled with a non-flat ass). Her pain came from her and her sister being abandoned by her father and the rough go of it her mom had. So she no doubt saw the Catholic order of Italy to be oppressive and was willing to be used to tear down that order through some impressive, not-totally-without-redeeming features, but ultimately weaponized, films.

      I thought the key might be Carlo Ponti, her husband. But I find no evidence of tribal connection. It might still be worth digging deeper. This Ponti Jr. seems quite malicious against straight, white, males who decline to stick an M-80 in their pelvis to “become a woman”. “But why?, the enquiring goy wants to know. Ponti was basically pulling a Jeffrey Epstein in dating Loren (see Wiki).

      It is also possible that her sister marrying Benito Mussolini’s son and their daring to have white children scared the shit out of (((them))) so they decided to keep a short leash on Loren (lest she become a “problem” that needs to be censored like her contemporary, Bardot.

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