Type V/#H76: Tara Sarah Yazdi

NB: “Daily Bruin” is the UCLA student newspaper. Evidently this Jewess attended the same University as her (dentist) father before her.

young, dusky, buxom Mizrahic Jewess whose family was one of tens of thousands of (((such))) who fled Iran during the years since the takeover of the country by a Muslim fundamentalist Shi’a regime; some wound up in Zionist-occupied Palestine, but others  (upon discovering that the nominally “white” ex-“European” ashkenaz who rule that Jew-harrowed land maintain a fairly rigid color-line) then  wandered on to America…joining, in particular the (((Hollywood))) Jew-colony. As per this appreciation: don’t know whether UCLA-grad Tara Sarah modeled for this nifty cartoon; in any case, what with the big Jewtits and other natural curves, she certainly fills out a bikini nicely. Kudos, incidentally, to commentor Matteo for straightening out TSJ4 on this one.  Having seen only a single and relatively light – skinned photo of this Jewess: we had her as a T2 ashkenaz under a place-holder name. We spotted her as a Jewess alright – via those bee-stung lips + racial rack + slightly defensive attitude – but wrong genetic sub-group. Discussion as follows:



One Response to Type V/#H76: Tara Sarah Yazdi

  1. Matteo Areola says:

    Thank you for creating this voluptuous Garden of Eden!
    Well you know, I think Tara is perfect. And seductive she is..! And so are all women on your site.
    Let the waters flow and the bosoms grow. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I’m glad I have the eye for paradise! Enjoy!

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