Type V/#E46: Anna Sarah Esquivel, alias “Anna Noble”

…wearing the Tallit, a Hebrew fringed shawl. See also: Mogul, Liana Sarah; Blum, Stephanie Sarah; Barris, Beth Sarah; etc.

kosher trope: wearing hat, otherwise nude.

from her original c. 1973-74 shooting, in Israel, by Zionist photog Amnon Bar-Tur.

originally “discovered” in Zionist-occupied Palestine by Jew lensman Amnon Bar-Tur, Anna Sarah appeared nude in scores of Euro and Brit skinmags during the mid-to-late 1970’s, before breaking briefly into U.S. porn. In earlier iterations of this site, I had her as an ashkenazic Jewess (I/#E43) under the (assigned) name “Barshefsky”; but just now (6/10/18) stumbled across her actual patronym in Mayfair, X/#5, 1975, and it’s sephardic…so the Esquivel has been appropriately re-classified. Her usual alias, “Noble”, as is often the case with porn-Jewesses, is also kosher. Though not particularly buxom by Tribal standards, this one’s facial features are quite Jewy, and other racial vectors include an extreme sexual hirsuteness, including that pantyline-to-naval beaver track so often seen on unshaven Jeweses (cf. also: Shore, Alexia Sarah; Rosen, Clyda Sarah. Edelstein, Joan Sarah; etc.), and the usual unsmiling, pensive-aversive persona that indicates Anna Sarah is well in touch with her Inner Jew. We also note the dark, racial undertone to her skin, particularly evident by contrast in the shot below, where the dusky Jewess is debauching a Nordic girl:



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