Type V/#E44: Robin Sarah Avener

***”most beautiful (Jewess) on Madison Avenue”? Not by a long shot. Around about the early-to-mid 1980’s the actual most “beautiful” Jewess on Mad Ave. walked into a down elevator @ 437 Madison (same O&M, in fact) then populated by me and a couple of other guys; I had just delivered on an upper floor, and was leaning in the corner attired in my most charismatic bike messenger regalia. When (((she))) – c. 34F/24/32 – got in the 3 of us  inhaled in sheer awe and didn’t exhale until she got off several floors below: tall for a Jewess @ about 5’6″, chisled ashkenazic facial features, jet-black hair tied back in a bun, wearing a black sweater tight against the racial rack, form fitting gray slacks clinging lovingly to her slim hips and high, tight ass, and around her neck a heavy gold chain from which hung an oversized gold Hebrew star. Just a tragedy PB didn’t get the clothes off her instead of the unremarkable Robin.


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