Type V/#D33: Miki Sarah Garcia









































Garcia, a sephardic-ladina cryptoJew, appeared as the Playboy, January 1973, centerfold nude. Her genetic lineage can be traced as far back as the late 15th – early 16th century Jewish exodus from Spain and Portugal and thence to Amsterdam, Holland, where they and other sephards monopolized and milked the diamond trade…and the slave trade; see distant Uncle Max G.’s book above. Other kosher (((Garcia)))’s eventually wandered to Mexico and on to El Norte, where this Jewess was born in 1947. Dusky-complexioned Miki Sarah’s got big tits, though for a Jewess not remarkably so, and her facial features suggest a few Ashkenaz somewhere in the family tree. Note also the expressive behavior – cool, unsmiling, and distant throughout – indicating that this one is well in-touch with all the conturbations of her Inner Jew; note esp. the early anti-White venom and generally rebellious, icon-smashing political behavior, particularly her treacherous, archetypal (see: Judith and Holofernes) backstab attack on beneficiary Hugh Hefner. This sort of thing – kosher porno model turning “anti-porn feminist crusader” (thus playing both sides against the middle, a race-typical Jewish trick)  – is, of course, hardly unique to this particular Jewess: see also ex-Playboy bunny Gloria Sarah Steinem (II/#K106) and pioneering nude dancer Nikki Sarah Craft’s (page pending) later self re-invention as (fake) radical judeo-feminist anti-porn warrior. All this is, in turn, a sub-set of a more general Jewish strategy (see also: universalist Tikkun Olam Jews “versus” “ex”-Trotskyite communist neo-con Zionist Jews): gaining control of both sides of every issue in order to make sure that, whatever the outcome, it’s safe for the Jews. Which explains why, after the 1980’s-90’s takeover of  Anglo-American Conservatism by the neo-Con Jews, the so-called “conservatives” (now bought off and shabbatz goy’d) have caved on virtually every single economic, political, and cultural issue to the kosher hardLeft, except for one…the care and feeding of Israel.





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