Type V/#C27: Sabine Sarah Dragomirescu

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  1. E says:

    What are you talking about? Wikipedia page on history of Romanian Jews states clearly that 300,000+ Romanian Jews survived Holocaust, and that 300,000 to 400,000 were murdered. Your “facts” are out of order. You cannot be trusted to tell the truth. I have reason to know something about this personally. Your use of quotes around “Holocaust” and your dismissal of the murder of nearly a half-million people are grossly offensive. You provide oxygen to race hatred and to murderous impulses of sick minds with everything on this website. Do you think the blood of every Jew killed in mass shootings in your country is not on your hands too? Why do you publish this inflammatory crap? You disgust me.

  2. admin says:

    I stated only that “hundreds of thousands survived”, which is the case; I made no remarks about how many Jews perished. Wikipedia? It’s run by Jimmy Wales – a Brit Jew porn mogul – and (judging from the obits I’ve seen) most of the editors are lesbian Jewesses who die in mountain-climbing accidents…so, on any issue with a racial or Right/Left political dimension (like the “Holocaust”), Wiki is worthless. Incidentally, see that fly-speck on the wall you’re looking at? That’s what you know about the “holocaust”…the rest of the wall is what I know; by and by, I’ll lay it all out via an extensive essay on Nazi-Zionist collaboration before and during WW2. As to “race hatred”, yes, more and more American and European Whites are waking up to the fact that they are being open-borders genocided by the Judeo-globalists and their shabbatz goy political classes. If Jews don’t want to be hated, perhaps they should stop doing hateful things. “Jews killed in mass shootings in America”? No, most of the victims have been Whites (60 at once in Las Vegas) and, in at least 4 of the mass shootings (Columbine High School, Tucson Mall, Broward County HS, San Diego synagogue)…the killers were Jews. Other so-called “hate crimes”? Like the purported “wave” of “antisemitic” phone threats to Jewish community centers and synagogues after the 2016 Trump election? All turned out to placed by a kid in Israhell. So it goes.

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