Type IV/#Z300: Francesca Sarah Biller

#1 in our section on mixed-race Eurasian Jewesses – see also Verkaik, Petra Sarah, IV/#z302; Selesner, Lisa Sarah, IV/#Z303; Cates, Phoebe Sarah (IV/#Z305); Ozaki-Morgenstern, Gwen Sarah (IV/#Z307) Sahl, Margaret Sarah, IV/#Z309); Sulkowicz, Emma Sarah (IV/#Z311) – Francesca Sarah is the issue of a Russian Jew father and Japanese mother. Overall, her facial features are quite cryptic and – since the Jewishness is in the paternal line – the Biller is non-buxom. More indicative might be this Jewess’s behaviors: a frenetic involvement in the kosher mass media and, now “Biller-Safran”, her race-typical marriage back into the Tribe…Jew, after all, adds more victim-group-entitlement points than does Jap.


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