Type IV/#S184: Linda Sarah Gamble

had pix of Linda Sarah on file for quite awhile, and considered her a strong suspect. Investigation completed, and in agreement with the experts @ Babepedia, it is indeed a Jewess. T4 because of the cryptic facial features, while positive vectors include the name (names that reference wealth/ finance/speculation – Gold, Silver, Ruby, Rich, Tax, Bonus, Price, Gamble, etc. – are, for some (((unaccountable reason))) strong Jewish vectors); racial rack – highlighted in the shot just above; expressive behavior, generally stolid and unsmiling (well in touch with the Inner Jew); fake blond hair (most Jewesses are natural brunettes); and some more subtle data points: the “People of the Book” kosher-codes. And did we mention that this Jewess has big tits?  Yeah, we did. Twice. ‘Cause she’s got two of’em.

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