Type IV/#U200: Solveig Sarah Mellomborgen, alias “Surrey Marshe/Pat Fellowes”

“Surrey Marshe”…from “Denmark”? Not exactly:actually aus Norwegen, and her real name – Mellomborgen – is an arcane composite of two Skandi Jewish roots:

while some of the centerfold models’ names – and some of the biographic details – are as published in PB during its vintage years correct, much of it is (as we’ve seen in other cases) stuff-and- nonsense. Never more so than with the January 1967 CF nude, “Surrey Marshe from Denmark.” This crypto-Jew’s real name, thanks to the experten @ Famous Board, we now know to be Mellomborgen, and she was born in Norway in 1947, shortly after her un-holocausted parents returned from a six year vacation in neighboring Sweden (see also: Liv Sarah Lindeland, IV/#H77, for more re the Jews of Norway and the “holocaust”). From whence Solveig Sarah wandered over to Denmark and then on to Jew York where one of Hefner’s (also Jewish) staff photogs, Alex Urba, talked his co-ethnic into posing nude. But this + her concurrent Playboy Club bunny gig didn’t contain the Wandering Jew for long: later in 1967 (and in violation of her two year exclusive contract), the Mellomborgen jetted off to London, worked as a topless dancer for awhile, and then posed for Playboy’s main glitzporn rival, Bob Guccione’s Penthouse magazine …which (wisely) held her pix for the requisite two years and then published them (October, 1969) under still another alias…”Pat Fellowes”. For this discovery, let’s thank the experts @ Vintage Erotica Forums:

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