Type IV/#Q169: Joan Sarah Peschkowsky, alias “Joan Nichols”

younger sister of filthy rich NY/Hollywood Jew producer-director Mike Peschkowsky-alias-Nichols (net worth at death: $100,000,000), and born in the USA a couple years after this Jewish family fled the Third Reich, Joan Sarah appeared nude in Playboy (June 1966) in an effort, evidently not-too-successful despite the family connection, to jump-start her own acting career; same issue which, in a remarkable cohencidence, also included an interview with on-the-make brother Mike: It lacks the racial rack, and my Jewdar detects little khazar in the face either, hence a crypto…though there is that cool, calculating, baneful expression in both photos.  Not sure if Mike and Joan Sarah Peschkowsky’s father was a Jew – though the (((Pasternak))) association is suggestive – but the anarcho-communist mother (((Abigail Landauer))) certainly was…and that makes both of them Jews. So, in a certain eventuality, it’s equally certain that one such as Joan Sarah would be treated as a Jew. Note also the Jewishness of the racial milieu: of the 5 named “Compass Player” Actors – May, Sills, Piven, Piven, Asner – how many do you think are Jews?  If you thought “all of (((them)))”…you’d be correct.

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