Type IV/#K105: Loretta Sarah Gunzberger

spontaneous capture of this arrogant, heavily-rakt 17-year-old Jewess by an alert lensman at Coney Island (Brooklyn, NYC) beach. Lori Sarah’s got that classic kosher femmeJew sexual anatomy – extremely big tits on a slender (indeed, almost flat-hipped)  frame – but my Jewdar detects little Tribal about the face. The Jewess, however, well aware that she’s being snapped due to her heavy tits, is smirking in mild self-mockery…which may conceal some ashkenazic physiognomy. So for the time being, pending any other shots, we’ll honor the Gunzberger with a T4/crypto classification. Brooklyn, incidentally, is a heavily Jew-infested borough: the Brighton Beach/Coney Island neighborhoods are thick with ex-Russian Jews, while Williamsburgh crawls with Hasidim.

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