Type IV/#i85: Avis Sarah Miller

scan the national white pages for 1970 and the next 3 decades, & you’ll find just 2 “Avis Miller”s. And…such a coincidence…both are Jews: DC rabbi Avis Miller, and November 1975 Playboy centerfold nude Avis Miller.  Well, not really a coincidence…more like a cohencidence. Because: scratch anyone with the patronym “Miller” and you’ll discover a Jew or half-Jew about 40% of the time; scratch any of the (very few) females with the first name “Avis”  (or male with the Jew male equivalent “Avi”) and you’ll discover a Jew/ Jewess virtually every time. For the rest, this Avis Sarah also features the racial rack (big tits) to an appreciable degree, her blond drapes – as indicated in the photo directly above – don’t match the rug, and the expressive behavior, almost always cool and unsmiling, suggests the Miller is well in touch with her inner Chosen person and all of its twists and knots; not to mention the high kosher IQ trope via college degree in a legitimate subject: history. On the other hand: this Jewess’s facial features register hardly at all on the Jewmeter – maybe a “3” – and she’s very light complexioned. So, at least with clothes on and name not yet known, we’ll classify it as a T4 (crypto) specimen.

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