Type IV/#G60: Palina Sarah Rojinski

3 Responses to Type IV/#G60: Palina Sarah Rojinski

  1. Matteo Areola says:

    So sad, have you been a victim of Russian trolls? St. Petersburg’s Palina is busty and jewish, but these pictures are like fake news!
    Good photoshopping though, but… the body with the butterfly(?) tatoo is definitely September Carrino’s. Recognized her famous nipples!
    And the one in the swimming pool is not that clean as well, I suppose.

    • admin says:

      fake news is bad. Russian troll photoshops are good, so long as it’s a Jewess getting trolled. It’s a dragonfly not a butterfly. And September Carrino is also a (sephardic) Jewess, with a page here of her very own.

  2. Matteo Areola says:

    I prefer big naturals – (o) (o) – and large areolas!

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