Type IV/#F58: Rina Sarah Mor-Godor, alias “Sonia Barshev”, a.k.a. “Rina Messinger”

given the normal two-year lapse between “shooting” a layout and porn magazine publication of the photos, Mor-Godor’s mude pix (as “Sonia Barshev”) were done in Zionist-occupied Palestine c. 1975 – possibly indeed during her obligatory IDF stint – and appeared in Male, January 1977. In between, under her birth-name (Rina Messinger) this long-legged Jewess won both the Miss Israel and Miss Universe 1976 beauty contest titles:

in fact there was at the time considerable buzz about her porn activities, but she navigated through it and, as per the (NY Daily News, 18 Jan. ’78) newspaper publicity shots and other puffery, attempted the usual transition to Jew Hollywood, but without the usual success. Note that in the nude shots and later publicity stills she’s still wearing her favorite necklace, though pre-contest had darkened her (natural bronze-blond) hair and changed her hair-do in an effort to visually distance herself from “Sonia Barshev”. But again without success. When the editors at Male realized that their Sonia and the now-famous Rina Messinger were one-and-the-same, they quickly published an out-take variant of her most-revealing shot (full-frontal assault wearing only goggles, ammo belt, and neatly-trimmed bush) along with a mocking, double-entendre (“shooting her way…”) essay on the kosher beauty contest racket:

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