Type IV/#D39: Carla Chernin, alias “Carlotta Champagne”

and the intra-Tribal “this is one of ours” trope is…?

Carla Sarah, a Jewess active in retro, lingerie, and full nude modeling, might haver flown under even this researcher’s fine-tuned Jewdar…with devestating consequences for Western Civilization. Fortunately, as documented above, she has mentioned her Tribal affiliation in several interviews. Good figure, not all that buxom by kosher standards, and not a lot of Khazar in the face…just a little bit about the lips in a few of her shots, and the Nose too…cf. the abbreviated red dress study. OTOH the Chernin displays a heavy dollop of the usual, natural racial sensuality, as instanced in many of her pix. Above, with the pearl necklaces and nothing more; and this hot shot above all:

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