Type IV/#D37: Nancy Sarah Cameron

Cameron, Playboy’s January 1974 centerfold nude and (as shot by co-ethnic Ken Marcus) 20th Anniversery subject, has a Jewish maternal granparent (Kramnick) in the female line. Paternal ancestry is less certain, since “Cameron” is indicatively but not definitively Jewish. Most of the Jews of Slovakia having been deported and liquidated during WW2, it’s likely that Nancy Sarah’s ancestors were part of the great wave of more than 1,000,000 central European Jews who emigrated to America during the 1880’s-1920’s. Though well enough rack’d and expressing a large dollop of racial sensuality, there’s nothing obviously Jewish about her facial and other features; on the other hand, there’s that cool, unsmiling, pensive-aversive attitude that indicates a certain ethnic self-awareness. All this aside, the Jews themselves, under their own matrilineal Law of Descent, would absolutely categorize this one as a racial Jew…and who are we to object. In Germany during the 1930’s and Europe throughout the war years, such “2nd Degree Mischlinge” posed a large problem for the regime, one that was never entirely resolved; possibly because Hitler himself was (or thought he was) a covert mischlinge. So, mostly at the discretion of local Gauleiters, thousands of such Jews/Jewesses were deported to the East while thoussands of others were effectively Aryanized and survived. It certainly seems reasonable that, in the course of an (entirely hypothetical) future resolution of the currently metastizing Jewish problem in North America, the Jews’ own non-arbitrary racial definition should and will be applied …and a Jewess of this cryptic kind treated accordingly.

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