Type IV/#A4: Anekee Sarah Vanderveld

Clothed (and wearing minimizer bra) this Dutch Jewess might pass, and launch a smothering attack on an inncent goyboy. But de-clothed, her Jewishness is fairly obvious: the racial rack to the Nth degree, and Dr. Itkowitz’ nose-job was so radical it has the opposite effect to that intended…he barely left Anekee Sarah enough to breathe with. BP sez this Wandering Jew (now hiding out in Italy) had an “abusive childhood”, tho if there was a little brother…one wonders who abused whom. And the Venderveld “never appears in public”? Well, that’s not true. Here a somewhat younger version tottering down the sidewalk from one lean-on to another, lest that high center of gravity lead to a sudden horizontal:and this Jewess doesn’t do full nudes? Only when she’s in a good mood:

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