Type III/#Z309: Nora Sarah Kuzma, alias “Traci Lords”

Norah Sarah began her porn-schtick during the 1980’s when a tad on the young side, a fact that raised a few eyebrows; since this is a family site, we have taken appropriate prophylactic measures with her pix though, for a fact, they’re all over the net. She later attended co-ethnic Lee Strasberg’s NY acting school and schmoozed her way to a legit film career with middling success. Kuzma’s at least half-Jewish (father a Ukrainian Jew), while the mother (née Briceland) was of Scandinavian or Skandi-Jewish background. She’s a little Jewy about the lips, but overall this light-complected Tribal shows a significant degree of crypsis, hence a T3 specimen.

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