Type III/#Z282: Elizabeth Sarah Ostrander

though our statistical base for assessing the absurd Zionist claim that Lindsay Sarah Voulo (November, 2001) was Playboy’s “first Jewish centerfold” is 1954-2001 (result: N = 564, of which >120 = Jews; see the “Playboy’s Jewish Centerfolds” page), many other Jewesses displayed their raw racial bodies in PB post-2001. Among them Liz Sarah, the December, 2014 centerfold subject. Similar in many ways to the previous T3 specimen (((Kovalenko))), this Jewess features a very light, even freckled complexion, well-defined ashkenazic facial aspects (lips, eyes), and natural red-blond hair; and bigger tits, indicating an even stronger overall kosher genetics. The Ostrander’s expressive behavior – almost always cool and unsmiling, generally pensive-aversive – indicates her inward Jewishness is also intense and pervasive.

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