Type III/#Y240: Lindsey Sarah Kevitch

two kosher tropes; one cosmetic, one prop. You spot ’em…

@TSJ4.net, Jewdar nailed this one at max range via the simplest mathematics: big-lips + big tits = Jewess, + natural blond hair = Type III. More recent confirmation as above via the guys at Reddit, + her name: an anglicized spelling of the Polish-Jew patronym “Kewicz”…which suggests Lindsey Sarah is Jewish in both genetic lines, not only maternal. Expressive behavior also echt-Tribal: generally cool, pensive-aversive, occasional self-reflective irony, well in touch with her inner Chosen Person. Probably a reverse-aliyah from Israhell to the greener pasture$ of Zionist-ruled ‘Murka, the Kevitch is currently a member of the Miami Beach Jew-colony.

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