Type III/#X237: Jan Sarah Roberts

a classic 1950’s-60’s suburban peroxide-blond Jewish doll, Jan Sarah displayed kosher big tits and a voluptuous (“39-24-34”) in the Playboy, August 1962 centerfold layout. Racial rack aside, this “cheese blintz”-munching (as PB’s Jew editors drop a heavy, “this is one of ours” hint). “Brooklyn-born”, and evidently (((high-IQ’d))) Jewess is nonetheless somewhat difficult to categorize. I had her as Type IV @ TSJ4.net but after looking at more of her pics think a high # TIII more accurate: that face really does register on a well-tuned Jewdar. Also culturally-evoked is another 1950’s (((icon))): the original, blond, big-breasted Barbi Doll…designed, of course, by a well-endowed Jewess: Ruth Handler.

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