Type III/#W226: Sapir Sarah Elgrabli

(GIF linked @ right)

curvaceous Jew-model, currently active in Zionist-occupied Palestine and elsewhere. Otherwise hard to classify: first and last names suggest a semitic bloodline, as do the rounded facial features; but Sapir Sarah also seems to be fairly light-skinned and, in most of her shots, features bronze-blond hair…which indicate ashkenaz genetics as well. At any rate, its got the racial rack – big Jewtits on slender frame – so there’s no doubt this meat is 100% kosher. Speaking of which, let’s hope Sapir Sarah makes her reverse -aliyah to Zion-ruled America before it’s too late: when the Palestinians regain their Jew-harrowed lands, it’s likely that many a Jewess as lovely as herself will be ‘orifically ravished…and then Bar-B-Q’d over a slow fire.

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