Type III/#T190: Marie Sarah van Schaak, alias “Lili St. Cyr”

 born 1918 in Minnesota of Dutch-Jew immigrants (part of the 1880’s-1920’s wave of European Jew invasives halted by the 1924 White-Preservation Immigration Act), leggy Marie Sarah ran off to (((Hollywood))) c. 1940 where she quickly em-bed’d herself (“self-professed nymph…6 husbands [including several Jews]…10 abortions”) in that satanic Jewish milieu: first as a chorus-line dancer, then during the later 1940’s-50’s active as striptease artiste along the NY-Hollywood circuit and kosher pin-up, with frequent Borscht Belt resort performances as well. Along the way van Schaak had a few legit movie roles, but mostly did soft-core film loops shot by co-ethnic (((Irv Klaw))) while most her stills – cf. the “Indian” pose, above – were taken by the also Jewish “Bernard of Hollywood”. As in Bruno Bernard. Father of Jewess Sue Sarah Bernard, Playboy’s December 1966 centerfold nude, and our Type V/#A6. Physically, there’s minor facial crypsis here (facially a genetic dupe of Hollywood Jew-actor Jeffrey Grossel alias “Jeff Chandler”), while the natural blond hair and very light skin-tone make Marie Sarah a nice T3 specimen of her race.

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