Type III/#S184: Gwyneth Sarah Paltrow

a few preliminary obervations: yes, the Paltrow is a fake blond, but no, her “long wiener(?) face” does NOT “give her Jewishness away”. And yes, in the usual age-fading-Hollywood-beauty patten, Gwyneth Sarah has, for her second marriage, begun trawling the younger talent. On the plus side (in another classic kosher pattern) that marriage (((Falchuk))) is back into the Tribe; and (like every Jewish mother), the Paltrow has high – very high – ambitions for her son (via the first marriage), whom she named “Moses”.  So why, oh Lord, does everyone hate Gwyneth Paltrow? Let us count the ways: well, yeah….OK, Gwyn Sarah seems to be the archetypal rich, pampered, arrogant Jew-princess. But wait! Don’t forget her heroic life-saving activities on 9/11:“deeply moved”, said her “publicist”….about as “deeply moved” as you’ll be by some more pix of the Paltrow’s famished frame:alright, enough beating around the bush. Why DOES everyone hate the Paltrow? Because, mentally and morally speaking, it really is the archtypal Hollywood Jew-princess: filthy rich, genetically obnoxious, and full of noisy opinions about stuff she knows nothing about. This Jewess’s anti-capitalist pose – from a Tribally-networked Cho$en Per$on with c. 60,000,000 Jewbucks in the bank – is a particularly impressive lump of chutzpah. For the rest, via her quasi-assimilated facial features, lack of rack, and light complexion, she’s a middling T3 specimen of her race.

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