Type III/#R172: Batsheva Sarah Gurvitz

young Jewess captured by alert lensman at public pool, showing the race-typical, precocious sexuality; note also the sly, knowing, off-turn of the head with eyes still @ camera, a genetic femmeJew ploy. As documented by von Verscheuer in his essay “Racial Biology of the Jews” (Forschungen zur Judenfrage, 6 v., Hamburg, 1937-1941), “general sexual maturity begins earlier in the case of the Jews. The early maturity of Jewish girls is manifest in both physical and psychological features.” Something also noted by this researcher back when, while dating a UC Berkeley co-ed named Toby Shapiro. The Jewess featured a pair sufficiently large that, when combined with a narrow-shouldered, slender frame, no commercially available bra would fit; she had to get her brassieres custom made by a (Jewish) seamstress who specialized in such things. Meanwhile Toby Sarah’s younger sister, at ten years of age, was already wearing her older sibling’s cast-off double-D’s. In the same vein, the Jewess Mandelkorn (I/#A1), in one of her confessional interviews (Adam Choice, v. I, June 1979), admits to being “already big-breasted at age nine, and 36-inches by age twelve.”

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