Type III/#R171: Claudia Sarah Brownrigg, alias “Claudia Beatty”

a Jewess somewhat difficult to classify, Claudia Sarah was an active kosher-porn model during the 1970’s. A fresh-out-of-the box, cheapjack Chinese import Jewdar might not react to her facial features at all, but a well-tuned precision American (or better still, German) instrument will register those features as ashkenazic with considerable genetic drift. She’s more obviously marked by the racial rack, which is present in some abundance, and the expressive behavior: almost always slyly sensual and/or pensive-aversive, well in touch with her Inner Jew. We also like the frequent stiff, elegant, princessy hand positions, again vectoring the Jew within. Given the apparently natural bronze-blond hair, let’s for the time being classify the Brownrigg as a relatively high# specimen of her race.

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