Type III/#R170: Shelly Sarah Janis, alias “Shelly Jamison”

6 Responses to Type III/#R170: Shelly Sarah Janis, alias “Shelly Jamison”

  1. Sjdrifter says:

    Aside from being a Seductive Jewess, Shelly Leah Sarah is a GODDESS! Those massive nipples were not meant for an infant, but were made to be sucked by a full grown adult…Her nude pictorial is the best ever featured in the magazine‚Äôs history and even 30 years later continues to fascinate and arouse.

    • admin says:

      and “goddess” is, in fact, another standard code for “Jewess” on most big tit-fetish sites; while extremely big, prominent, dramatic nipples are also another strong femmeJew vector. So much so that I’m thinking of adding a separate trope page on this particular Tribal sexual feature. We’ll call it “kosher headlights” or some such.

      • Sjdrifter says:

        Canaanite goddesses that were worshipped by the ancient isrealites were a symbol of fertility and were depicted with huge prominent tits just like the Janis. As for the new Kosher Headlights trope page, I’m all for that. Brilliant idea.

  2. Sjdrifter says:

    Here’s an ultra rare nude pic of the Janis that you might be interested to include with her other images.

  3. sjdrifter says:

    Here’s yet another pic for your consideration. Despite being clothed, one can make out the outline of her huge tits.

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