Type III/#J94: Jenna Sarah Brager

h/t Andrew Anglin @ dailystormer.name for this significant discovery. Some facial crypsis here…but still an evident Jewess to any TSJ-trained eye. Note how Jenna Sarah uses make-up (lips, eyes, eyebrows) to highlight her radical Jewishness; likely also that blue (rather than vaginal red) lipstick sez something about her, errrrrrrrrrrr…”non-traditional” kosher sexuality. Anglin’s take on the Brager’s other politics is a little off though: this is a hardLeft, anti-Zionist Jewess who’s less interested in the “holocaust” and more interested in the history of pre-holocaust, non-A#1 VictimGroup EntitledJews. And thus at one with other (((Red Princesses))) in this documentation; cf. the RP’s kosher trope page. 

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