Type III/#J91: Ruthy Sarah Ross

no, (((they))) don’t all have tits you could hang an anvil on; Ruthy Sarah, Playboy’s June, 1973 kosher centerfold nude lacks the racial rack. But the rest of her fairly ooozes Jewishness – esp. that sly, sultry sensuality – as does the name, which is her own. And, though the somewhat rounded and softened facial angles put her somewhere in the transitional area between types 2 and 3, the outward Khazar is still sufficiently vectored to register on the Jewdar at enough distance to take firm defensive measures. In these ID contexts, telling us that the Ross has “done some wandering” (a.k.a. Wandering Jew) – an intra-Tribal textual code supplied by PB’s (Jewish) editors – was sheer overkill.

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