Type I/#K107: Emily Sarah Ratajkowski

addit, 6/1/19: this is an interesting correlation, inasmuch as similarly “in-your-face-goyim!”, obscenely murderous anti-Christ sentiments are also expressed by eternal Jewess Sophie Sarah Makovsky (I/#H78) and eternal Jewess Sarah Sarah Silverman (I/#L111): all 3 are Type I, elementally obvious physical Khazars. As if (((they))) realize that, since (((they))) cannot conceal their Jewishness, (((they))) might as well taunt and flaunt. More evidence, were it needed, that the Jews find final proof of Choseness…in provoking “antisemitism” and actual persecution.

NB: Florida readers, beware! Your Republican governor and state legislature have now declared “antisemitism” to be a punishable thought-crime! These shabbatz goy scum literally make me LOL. How can they stand their own stink as they kneel and grovel before the Eternal Jew? Answer: they can’t. But they laugh all the way to the bank.

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