Type III/#H73: Christine Sarah de Schaeffer

NB – right hand position

de Schaeffer, a self-admitted “German” Jew (i.e.,  “American” Jew whose parents emigrated from Germany) was active in magazine and video porn during the mid-1970’s thru 1980’s. Her khazar facial features are somewhat rounded and softened, but still register on the Jewdar at a safe distance and likewise activate a loud warning buzz from the Jewmeter; she’s T3 via the natural bronze-blond rather than brown/ black hair. Also Jewish are the usual big tits – though, for a Jewess, not remarkably so – + the pervasive ironic-aversive, pensive/inward poses, and various stiff, tense, elegant hand positions. Chris Sarah also known for her confessional interviews (here, via Partner Magazine, August 1982, p. 73) in which she not only discusses her own Jewishness, but also the essential Jewishness of porn in general. and goes on to rat out various other Jews/ Jewesses so involved: the case of Monika Sarah Zalmanowicz (III/#Z273) alias “Serena” is an interesting one indeed, even more so Ellen Sarah Steinberg (II/#A5), alias “Annie Sprinkle”.

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