Type III/#G69: Elaine Sarah Atlas

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  1. Matteo Areola says:

    Found out that this girl is Zivinity Solaire aka Bonnie June. Italian-American.
    bio: https://profiles.myfreecams.com/ExoticItalian
    more pics: https://pornopics.co/photo/1000077/pic-8-bonnie-june-zivinity-solaire
    Great boobs!

    • admin says:

      re the “Reznikoff”page, yeah I’ve had that same thought a couple times but wasn’t sure. You’ve convinced me and later today I’ll kill that page and put those 2 pix on the Poole page. As to this one…it’s a Jewess by any other name, and those other two are obvious aliases. So this one stays as is if/until we can come up with her actual “Italian”-Jew name.

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