Type III/#F57: Zahava Sarah Chessman, alias “Pandora Peaks”

Zahava Sarah, alias “Pandora Peaks”, had a stage act in Jewtown II (a.k.a. Las Vegas; I = Jew York, III = Hollywood) @ one of the Jew-owned casinos (see: Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn et al. and the Jew-owned shabbatz goy Prez, Donald Trump…who also has a casino there, but only on suffrance) during the 1990’s and did a lot of soft- and a few hardcore vids as well. Kosher facial features are more than obvious and the Jewtits, though equally obviously augmented, were most likely very big to begin with: that’s ’cause this is most likely the adult version of 1970’s kosher skinmag super-buxom teen porn sensation Arlene Sarah Bell (III/#A1)…but we’ll let you call it, and give this one a separate page for the next while. Don’t wonder why the Jewess had all that silicone shot in there though: it’s because for the Jewess, too much…is never enough.

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