Type III/#F52: Carol Sarah Campau, alias “Carol Conners”

via Toronto Sun, c. 1980

via Toronto Sun, c. 1980

via Toronto Sun, c. 1980

a young, still-developing Carol Sarah…

…and Carol Sarah in the full ripeness of her Jewish womanhood

because Carol “Conners”* racial ID was physically obvious – via the somewhat curdled Khazar facial angles, big tits with dramatic, oversized nipples, and often sly, cynical, knowing expressive behavior – we didn’t bother researching her actual name and extended family bio in previous iterations of TSJ. But it’s always good, from  time to time, to cross-calibrate one’s Jewdar with hard documentation. As above, we started by checking out Carol “Conners”* daughter, B-list actress Thora Birch, and discovered her admission as to her own (partial) Jewishness. That led to the discovery of mom’s real patyronym – Campau. Then we researched “Campau”, and discovered this to be a fairly tight-knit, originally French-Canadian, Jewclan with an interesting history. During the 1720’s these French Jews came over to the then French-controlled nothern section of North America – specifically, the Fort Detroit area – and there prospered in fur trading and related commercial activities. When the American colonists and the Brits defeated France in the 1750’s-60’s French and Indian War, the Campau’s hung on, diversified, and remained prominent (even a Rabbi in the family) in the Detroit, Michigan, area through the 1800’s and 1900’s, only fading during the later decades of the 20th century. Carol Sarah is thus the genetic residue of this paternal line and, given her natural blond hair (drapes and rug match) and light complexion, there’s likely some Polish or German Jews in the maternal line as well. It’s also of confirming interest that, in this French-Canadian connection, Carol Sarah did a lot of her live porn in Canada (Toronto), while moving back and forth to Jew-Hollywood for the filmic stuff…esp. the iconically subversive XXX-rated “Deep Throat” (1971) in which she’s fellates and then gets bonked by co-ethnic porn-“actor” Herb Streicher-alias-“Harry Reems”:

altogether, though, we have to admit that the Carol Sarah is quite the seductive Jewess, as seen here shamelessly dancing in the nude……and in the event (entirely hypothetical, mind you), of an eventual resolution of the Jewish problem in North America, there’s no question that one such as (((she))) would, upon her arrival in a labor facility, be warmly welcomed and then led naked to the camp brothel.

*this Jewess’s choice of alias is also a strong vector of her Jewishness at the mental level. It turns out there’s another contemporary alias-“Carol Conners” also prominent in media – this time in legit theatre – and that’s where our ((Carol Sarah Campau))) cribbed her own alias; one that like many another Jewess’s alias (cf. Fran Sarah “Gerard”, V/#B14) thus conceals Jewishness but also hints at the concealed:

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