Type III/#E43: Susan Sarah Kiger

Jewess Kiger @ left, and next over is the more buxom Jewess Lisa Sarah London (I/#B14); Jewess K.C. Winkler (page pending), though not in this shot, also got naked in this kosher porn-epic, which, according to Jew-reviewer Jeffrey Maltin, is “best watched with the sound turned off”.

Kiger, PB’s January, 1977, centerfold nude, shows some sexual crypsis – tits just average – but the face is quite Jewy, in that curdled, T3 way. Also some cosmetic camouflage as well: fake blond hair and, as compared to un-rhinoplastied and exceedingly Jewy sister Patty Sarah……Susan Sarah’s nose has definitely been ski-jumped. As a kosher vector we also like the generally unsmiling expressive behavior, which ranges from merely cool through sullen and borderline malignant; Sue Sarah is, all external camouflage aside, well in touch with her Inner Jew. And here’s another kosher di-fecta, taken at the PB mansion: that’s Kiger splashing, and the bare-assed nude is April ’77 centerfold Jewess Lisa Sarah Sohm:1977 was, incidentally, an even more talmudic year than usual for PB:in addition to Kiger and Sohm (page pending) there’s Virve Sarah Reid (June; III/#B12), Sondra Sarah Theodore (July; III/#W229), Julia Sarah Rome-alias-“Lyndon” (August; III/#A3), and Kristine Sarah Winder (October; page pending). Six out of twelve, a 2,500% kosher overrepresentation. And we won’t even mention Kiger’s immediate predecessor, Karen Sarah Hafter (page pending), the December ’76 centerfold nude, and yettanother Tribal. 

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