Type III/#D32: Carol Sarah Shaya

“I’d like to know what the hell she was doing for those 3 years…”, wonders Mr. Police Commissioner. Uhhhh….screwing half the NYPD? Not to mention an innocent fireman whom her (soon to be ex-) husband then framed on a gun charge. Carol Sarah¬† (an export from Zionist-occupied Palestine-alias-Israel) then shed clothes for PB magazine and was, finally, fired from the Department. She then wandered off to (((Hollywood))), obtained a few minor movie roles by the usual means (see: kosher casting couch) and, after involvement in a lawsuit resulting from an “abusive lesbian relationship”, lapsed into well-deserved obscurity. Physically, all her Sodom and Gommorah-level badness aside, the Shaya is a well-marked T3 Jewess: the usual Khazarian wolf-lips, but with natural blond hair and fair complexion:¬†

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