Type III/#B19: Irene Sarah Zalkind, alias “Valory Irene”

yettanother in the long list of buxom “Ukrainian” femmes (see also Zakova, Ana Sarah [I/#C21]; Sidorenko, Katya Sarah [II/#i80], alias “Sha Rizel”; Paschenko, Svetlana Sarah [II/#V213], alias “Felicity Fey”; Laren, Shay Sarah [III/#D37]; etc.) who, upon closer investigation, turn out to be young, ex-Ukraine Jewesses with big tits; that is, kosher cows looking to graze in the greener pasture$ of Euro- and Anglosphere porn. This one particularly obvious: via the racial rack and facial features – esp. the wolfish lips – which vector her general Jewishness, while T3 via her red-brown hair and light complexion. Irene Sarah also seems to have a thing for vacuum cleaners:

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