Type III/#A1: Arlene Sarah Bell

a tender young Jewess with remarkably big tits, Arlene Sarah was active in skinmag porn during the early 1970’s, appearing in scores of nude layouts; out-takes and re- issues kept showing up for years afterward. She pretty much disappeared during the 1980’s, then re-surfaced in (((Las Vegas))) during the 1990’s, with a nude stage act, as “Pandora Peaks”. Though relatively light-complexioned, Bell is otherwise – via her heavy tits, ashkenazic facial features, and generally pensive,l somber attitude – a well-vectored specimen of her race: 9.95 on the Jew meter. In matters of detail, note among much else the careful placement of the right hand in the ass-shot at left, and the malignant, lowering gaze in the candid bedpost shot. Let’s now conclude our documentation of this très seductive Jewess with a couple classic b/w studies, one capturing her in a particularly inward penive, Chosen Person moment:and this not-too-subtle People of the Book trope:

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