Type II/#Z377: Leah Sarah Belzberg

a tender young Jewess…with remarkably big tits. Of which Leah Sarah is intensely aware. Equally indicative of her Jewishness, however, is a psychological vector: that frequently seen sly, aversive, guilt-driven off-turn of the head with eyes looking back at the viewer. This subversive Jewish girl is as intimately in touvh with her Inner Jew as she is with her precocious racial sexuality: that is, her “disproportionately big” tits. And a tertiary indicator: nude but wearing glasses, kosher coding (((high IQ))). Likely a one off, but – as with another young, heavily-racked Jewess in this documentation (Batsheva Sarah Gurvitz, III/#R172) – something might appear from Leah Sarah’s eventual maturity. (Later)…here’s something, though it looks contemporary. Evidently (((they))) made up the Belzberg to look younger than she actually is: