Type II/#Z375: Phoebe Sarah Bovy

“do I look too Jewish?”, asks expert White-baiting (((MSM))) Jewess Phoebe Sarah. Well, let’s see…she’s got the bumped nose, the heavy eyelids, and something about the chin. But it’s more the furtive, sly attitude, that expectation of imminent holocausting: note how the eyes look straight ahead, but the face is turned defensively away. Overall, my Jewdar registers this Bovy Jewess as incoming @ c. 60 miles, sufficient time (depending, of course, on incoming velocity as well) to take prophylactic measures…and on the Jewmeter? Maybe a “7”, with no bells, whistles, or flashing red overload lights. So, no, Phoebe Sarah, not “too Jewish”. Just Jewy enough to get you classified as a high# T2 specimen of your nomadic, destructive Tribe. 

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