Type II/#Z346: Marjorie Sarah Mendes

another instance of the archetypal LJWBT: little Jewess with big tits. And of the fundamental Tribal equation: big lips+big tits=Jewess. That said, Marjorie Sarah is otherwise difficult to classify; facial features – nose, lips – suggest a T2 Ashkenaz…but she’s light-skinned and her facial structure is wider than usual, so maybe a high# T3. We’ll reserve final judgement if/until any other pix of this interesting Jewess turn up.

(one day later): admn has returned to this page, and notes that the outrageously seductive Marjorie Sarah, (((obstinate Princess))) that she is, has yet to remove blouse and bra. It’s time to convene the Summary Court. Sentence: 5-7 years in the camp brothel, + must waitress in the guards’ messhall, wearing only a short, silk peignoir. This sort of thing, via Ann Sarah Davis (IV/#C27):



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