Type II/#Z316: Kerry Sarah Blumenthal, alias “Kerry Marie”

Kerry Sarah, a Jewish girl active in ‘netporn a few years back and seen here going full nude on a public beach, features flat hips, an impressive pair of still-developing Jewtits, as well as a kosher-vectoring combo of raw physical shamelessness, mental aversion, and Chosen Person self -absorption. This conjunction of naked body with covered head, seen frequently in Jewporn, is both a self-mocking commentary on orthodox Judaism (hair must be covered), and a strong intra-Tribal signal: see the relevant Kosher Tropes page. In the hypothetical event of a resolution of the Jew problem in North America, a Jewess of such tender years might upon her arrival in a labor camp be considered too young for work assignment…and yet, given her race-typical sexual precocity, spare herself a mandatory trip to the execution pit by volunteering for the camp brothel.

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