Type II/#Z313: Madeleine Sarah Stowe

ass-centric (((Hollywood))) Jew actress, Jew on mother’s side, hence according to the Jews’ own Law of Descent a racial Jew. Solid acting chops, as per her performances in “Last of the Mohicans” (opp. Jew actor Daniel Day-Lewis) and “We Were Soldiers” (opp. “anti-semitic” Mel Gibson) and, though just a bit on the slim side, managed to drop clothes in a bunch of other more forgettable flix. Only ambiguity is: sephardic or ashkenazic? “Costa Rican” mother suggests the former…but the name “Steinvorth” is definitely ashkenaz. As are the configuration of the lips (everted), high cheekbones, and sloe-eyes. So, for the time being, we’ll catagorize Madeleine Sarah as a high number T2 specimen.

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