Type II/#Z273: Leila Sarah Kleinfeuer, a.k.a. “Leila Lowfire”

big-breasted Jewess aus Berlin, geboren c. 1994. Active in soft-core-porn, as above, also a few bit-parts in artsy-craftsy movies, commericial modeling, and some photo-shoots with a significant (((odor))) of pre-1933 Deutschland. More recently seems to have relocated to ‘Murka, operating along the NY-Hollywood kosher media axis. As documented above, Leila Sarah’s first name – actual or alias – is an intra-Tribal signal: only other Jews, and not all of them, would recognize it as such; I stumbled across it while researching other aspects of  her bio. The last name, a back-translation of a definite alias, is a place-holder until the actual turns up. All this aside, her Jewishness is also strongly vectored by the racial rack – big tits indeed, the facial features – ashkenazic with some genetic softening via prior-generation non-Jewish gene capture, the heavy-lidded, almond-shaped eyes and thick, frizzy, naturally curly hair, and the expressive behavior: the usual mixture of Chosen Person inwardness and calculated, sly sensuality. In the latter connection we especially like the T&A shot just above, which packs maximum racial heat…amplified via the elegant hand positions seen so often with on-camera Jewesses.

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