Type II/#Z269: Diana Sarah West

this Jewess, not (as her self-created wiki page emphasizes) to be confused with “that other” Diana West involved with tits and lactation, is out of the (((Hollywood))) kosher colony. And generally typical of the thousands of other wealthy, sharp-elbowed “neo-con” Jews who have infested and demolished American conservatism since the 1980’s. Entirely transforming a movement that once promoted Western Civilization and constitutional, limited government into a murderous apologetic for Israel-in-Palestine, its endless wars and massacres, and a concomitant “war on terror” surveillance-and-police state. S’truth, her 2013 book did antagonize some of her neo-con associates in coming perilously close to admitting the Jewishness of most of the 1930’s-40’s communist infiltrators in the Roosevelt-Truman regime…but all have since kissed and made up. And were White Americans ever to take back their country from the Jews , both universalist Tikkun Ola revolutionaries and Zionist warmongers – and remove the Israeli bloodsucker from around the nation’s neck – you can bet Diana Sarah, along with the Horowitzs, Radoshs, Goldbergs, Podhoretzs et al., would be at one with the Reds they once denounced, attacking America, and shortly thereafter on a plane back to Israhell. Of course, if Israhell is no longer on the map when this happens, all these Jews are going to be in deep, deep trouble.

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