Type II/#X230: Megan Sarah Amram

4 Responses to Type II/#X230: Megan Sarah Amram

  1. Moira says:

    Dear webmaster, there’s a word for this kind of thinking/writing: psychobabble. Seek help. Soon. You need some.

  2. admin says:

    Moira wants Herr Webmaster to “seek help”…but doesn’t offer any. That’s just cruel. So let’s consult with Rhonda instead:


    or maybe Sue:


    AND Lila!


    ahhhh…Rhonda, Sue and Lila…they always hit the spot. Moira? Not so much.

  3. MartnenMan says:

    Meagan Amram is not a descendant of David Amram.

    They just share a surname.

    Meagan apparently is adverse to her father (check the link) and hasn’t announced his name. If he were David Amram it would have already been known.

    Plus David Amram never lived in Portland, Oregon.

    Otherwise good description!


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