Type II/#V218: Eden Sarah Adar

so….is it a Turk? A Jew? Actually it’s both: a Turkic Jewess residing in Zion -occupied Palestine, but doing a lot of Turkish-themed layouts. This gets us to the thorny issue of the off-again-on-again alliance between Turkey and Israel and Israel’s steady refusal to acknowledge the Turks’ democide of c. 2,000,000 Armenian and Greek Christians during 1915-1923. Usually this refusal is linked to that alliance, but there’s a deeper strand. It turns out that the Young Turk leaders who ordered the massacres were mostly “Donmeh”, that is, Turkic Jews…and that, at the mass level, the entire Jewish population of Turkey was hand-in-glove with the Turks throughout the bloodbath. As far as this particular Turkic, that is, Khazar Jew is concerned, the “Lilith” reference is thus particularly on-target: Lilith being the Old Testament archetype of the original, bloodthirsty Jewish succubus.


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