Type II/#U202: Estera Sarah Friedlander

sharply ethnic facial features on this young “American” Jewess, and it probably deserves a lower # w/in this first classficatory category. Note esp. the full, everted lips, heavy eyebrows, the usual big tits, and the careful placement of the left hand just above. Estera is deeply, defensively aware of her Jewishness. A Jewishness so intense that’s she’s earned the ultimate accolade: a yellow star of her very own, and will be so honored on the designated kosher trope page: one only wishes that the yellow star could flash quickly on and off, to warn the innocent goyboys more effectively! Perhaps, when the time comes to do what is necessary, one of us can invent some such thing. And of course (given the Jews’ well-known concern for the environment) it’ll have to be solar powered.

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