Type II/#S181: Susan Sarah Rosenblatt, alias “Susan Sontag”

No, you don’t want to see this Jewish intellekshul with her clothes off…that privilage was reserved for her “significant other”, dildo-strapping kosher bulldyke-photographer Annie Sarah Liebovits. And you don’t have a bottle of eyewash nearby; while doing delivery work in NYC, 1974-1994, this ressearcher met both of them at their apartment on West 26th Street: Annie Sarah signed for the package, and in the background there was a naked Sue Sarah sprawled on the couch. All we really need to know about the Rosenblatt-alias-Sontag is what she wrote in the Jew-communist rag Partisan Review (Winter, 1967), p. 5:

“the White race is the cancer of human history.”

From a Jewess, a statement as unsurprising as it is genocidal: merely a specification of the central edict in the Jewish Talmud, which is: “kill the best goyim”. Who are, historically, the Nordics and Anglosaxons that created Western Civilization. For the present it is a slow-but-accelerating genocide, orchestrated by White family-destroying/birthrate-killing Judeo-“feminists”, a Jew controlled mass media/jew.gov school system which transforms young White women into non-reproducing careerists and mudsharks, and massive open borders “immigration” of Black, Brown, Yellow, and Muslim orcs forced by globalist Jew billionaires/banksters and their shabbatz goy political class. When, however, Whites in Europe and North America become an actual minority, the Jews and their ethnorc enforcers intend more direct measures. Will they get away with it? That is up to you.

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  1. NY-Canuck says:

    From Wikipedia article on “Partisan Review”:

    “By the 1950s the magazine had evolved towards a MODERATE SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC and STAUNCHLY ANTI-COMMUNIST perspective and was generally supportive of American foreign policy. Partisan Review received covert funding from the Central Intelligence Agency during the 1950s and 1960s AS PART OF THE AGENCY’S EFFORTS TO SHAPE INTELLECTUAL OPINION DURING THE COLD WAR. The journal moved its offices to the campus of Rutgers University in 1963, then to the campus of Boston University in 1978, gradually losing its cultural relevance. The final issue of the publication appeared in April 2003.”

    Supported by the CIA during the Cold War? Doesn’t really sound like a “Jew Communist rag” does it? Oh, but everything, including the CIA, is part of some massive Jewish conspiracy, right? And you know better than everyone about everything, just like that other world-class bullshitter in your White House, right?

    Get your shit straight, bub, and join us in fact-based reality. How sad you are.

    • admin says:

      “moderate social democratic”, i.e. (((Trotskyite))) communist. Selfsame Jews who then morphed into neo-cons, founded Commentary, took over National Review, and then the entire Republican party…making it the Zionist-socialist/open-borders, anti-White scam it is today. And “Wikipedia”? That would be the Jew-owned (Brit porn mogul Jimmy Wales) net’cyclopedia most of whose referees are (judging from the obits I’ve seen) lesbian Jewesses who die in mountain-climbing accidents.

      • Sjdrifter says:

        I’ve always had a feeling Wikipedia was Jew owned and unreliable, just like JewTube which is getting more corrupt and surpressing free speech with each passing year.

        • admin says:

          Wiki is actually OK on any subject that doesn’t have a Left/Right or racial aspect. Anything that does will be viciously Jew’d. Jewtube, a.k.a. Youtube, is run by the Jewess Susan Wojicki and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google, the latter owned by (((Sergey Brin))) and (((Larry Page))). Facebook (((Zuckerberg))) is also a Jew racket. Bezos, who owns Amazon, is not a Jew…merely a well-disciplined shabbatz goy.

          • Sjdrifter says:

            Yup, I’ve always referred to YouTube as Jewtube because of all the censorship and demonitizing of various content creators be it by copyright strikes or shutting down channels dealing with ‘sensitive or derogatory topics’ Only the Jews can be behind this. Thank You so much for creating this website. Keep on fighting the good fight. 👍

    • Obsidian says:

      E. Michael Jones: “Similarly, the Partisan Review, founded by two Jews in a communist cell in Greenwich Village in 1934, supported Trotsky briefly before evolving into a liberal jour-nal in the 1950S. The New Leader, a magazine with Menshevik tendencies initially, became firmly liberal under the leadership of disillusioned Jewish communists like Ralph de Toledano and Daniel Bell.
      The mind of the newly emerging anti-Communist liberal also found expression in The Nation, where Unitarian minister Homer Jack complained about Catholic ethnic resistance to race-based social engineering. It was also in the pages of The Nation that Paul Blanshard first mounted the attack on Catholic sexual morals that became the bestseller American Freedom and Catholic Power. In the sequel, Blanshard formulated the new liberal creed as anti-Communist and anti-Catholic.”

      Trotskyites? Irving Kristol?? … the CIA sounds pretty Jewish to me. Take it from Murray Rothbard (honest jew):

      Revilo Oliver, who was an early contributor to NR, would claim that it, like Encounter, was a CIA front. Murray Rothbard, an irrepressible libertarian who grew up among the Messianic Jewish sects of New York City, also felt NR was a CIA front.
      As Rothbard and others have made clear, the CIA was always in the business of media manipulation. “Not long after the Central Intelligence Agency was founded in 1947,” Rothbard writes, “the American public and the world were subjected to an unprecedented level of propaganda in the service of US foreign policy objectives in the Cold War…. At its peak the CIA allocated 29 percent of its budget to ‘media and propaganda.””
      Because of intense internecine communist hatred, the Trotskyites were willing, if not positively eager, to grasp the levers of the anti-Stalinist propaganda machine. According to Rothbard, the Neoconservatives “moved from cafeteria Trotskyites to apologists for the US warfare state without missing a beat.”l The CIA established the Congress for Cultural Freedom as its premiere anti-Stalinist organization, but that organizaton’s credibility was destroyed when it became known it was a CIA front. James Burnham, a former Trotskyite and CIA agent who co-founded National Review, worked for the Congress. He was also a former Trotskyite and a CIA agent. When Peter Colemant Exposed Enconter as a CIA front operation in his largely sympathetic book The Liberal Conspriacy, Irving Kristol , the father of neoconservatism, at first denied knowing that Encounter was a CIA front. Later, in his autobiorgrpahy, he admitted knowing that the CIA was involved but tried to play down the scale of his involvement.

      • admin says:

        good material. Be aware, though, that Libertarianism is just another form of the Judeo-universalist Tikkun Olam…specifically, liquidation of the White Nations via absolutely free movement of labor, products, and capital across vaporized boders. Note that all 3 of the main Patron Saints of libtardism – Rothbard, v. Mises, Rand – are Jews.

  2. NY-Canuck says:

    Entirely predictable reponses, which leave the rational person howling with derisive laughter. There are Jews behind every tree, owning and controlling everything and everyone, and they’re out to get us. Thankfully, though, we have “admin” here to share his special, special esoteric knowledge of who and what we can trust to tell us the truth. Again, so sad. Your anti-Semitic garbage is just word salad, a collection of tired, crazy White Nationalist catchphrases strung together at random like those refrigerator magnet poetry tiles. I especially like the (((Look who’s a Jew!))) triple parentheses. So clever! Again, as with your president, you alone are telling the truth, and eeeeeeverybody else is lying. (Except, in your case, insert “because Jooz” at the end of that sentence.) What a loon.

    • admin says:

      intelligent students of TSJ will note that Admn. deploys overwhelming facticity and geometric logic, while Canadian Refugee re-lies on name-calling and innuendo. He is wasting scarce electrons.

    • Obsidian says:

      Apodictic. Asserting your own necessity. Come on, Jew! Step up your game. You chose this path after WWII. Now own it!

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