Type II/#S181: Susan Sarah Rosenblatt, alias “Susan Sontag”

No, you don’t want to see this Jewish intellekshul with her clothes off…that privilage was reserved for her “significant other”, dildo-strapping kosher bulldyke-photographer Annie Sarah Liebovits. And you don’t have a bottle of eyewash nearby; while doing delivery work in NYC, 1974-1994, this ressearcher met both of them at their apartment on West 26th Street: Annie Sarah signed for the package, and in the background there was a naked Sue Sarah sprawled on the couch. All we really need to know about the Rosenblatt-alias-Sontag is what she wrote in the Jew-communist rag Partisan Review (Winter, 1967), p. 5:

“the White race is the cancer of human history.”

From a Jewess, a statement as unsurprising as it is genocidal: merely a specification of the central edict in the Jewish Talmud, which is: “kill the best goyim”. Who are, historically, the Nordics and Anglosaxons that created Western Civilization. For the present it is a slow-but-accelerating genocide, orchestrated by White family-destroying/birthrate-killing Judeo-“feminists”, a Jew controlled mass media/jew.gov school system which transforms young White women into non-reproducing careerists and mudsharks, and massive open borders “immigration” of Black, Brown, Yellow, and Muslim orcs forced by globalist Jew billionaires/banksters and their shabbatz goy political class. When, however, Whites in Europe and North America become an actual minority, the Jews and their ethnorc enforcers intend more direct measures. Will they get away with it? That is up to you.