Type II/#R175: Marina Sarah Baker

Marina Sarah, a lezzie/bisexual Brit Jewess also involved in (((radical Left))) politics and other kosher Culture of Death activities, was the March, 1987, Playboy centerfold subject. Seen straight-on, her face shows some degree of genetic drift away from the normally harsh Khazar physiognomy; but seen in profile, as in the penultimate shot, it looks very Jewy indeed. Note also the heavy, frizzy hair. So, on balance, a T2 specimen of her race. Baker’s expressive behavior is an even stronger vector: ripely sensual throughout, sometimes pensive-aversive, and almost always with that Chosen Person inwardness. In which connection the shot directly above is a Kosher Classic, apotheosizing her Jewishness, complete with dangling forelocks and opulent Jew-elry symbolizing the ostentatious, parasitic wealth for which the Jews are so well known.

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